Wedding of KD at the Waterloo KofC

This is the wedding of Krista and Dwayne at the St. John’s Lutheran church in Kitchener Waterloo. Nice and hot sunny day and a very large wedding party consisting of 20 people. The pictures taken after the wedding were done at the Abraham-Erbs-Grist-Mill, silverlake docks, boardwalk, and around the area. The reception venue was the Knights of Columbus. These folks were nice enough to arrange a separate room for us to setup a photo booth. Those are so much fun! Great day all around.


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  1. Love this summary of our day…..I'm sure everyone is excited to see these pictures:)

  2. Barbara Mateju Anton says:

    LOVE IT!!!

  3. Carol Stitt Maguire says:

    wow Krista and Dwayne such beautiful pictures. Glad everything turned out well for you guys. Happy for you.xxxoo

  4. Carol Stitt Maguire says:

    Such beautiful pics. You all looks so great. Loved the layout.

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