Silly family on the beach!

Here’s a session on the beach in Toronto just the way I like them with the St Maurice family. One couple, and 3 kids who are not so little anymore! All children live in different parts of the world so this was a special occasion. We did the session on the beach, and I think everyone was pleased with the experience. It was a nice family reunion filled with smiles and silliness. I particularly love it when a family of 5 agrees to do silly things for photography purposes!

02-beach-photo-family-of-5-portrait01-beach-photo-family-of-5-portrait03-beach-photo-family-of-5-portrait04-beach-photo-family-of-5-portrait  23-beach-photo-family-of-5-portrait 22-beach-photo-family-of-5-portrait 21-beach-photo-family-of-5-portrait 20-beach-photo-family-of-5-portrait19-beach-photo-family-of-5-portrait 18-beach-photo-family-of-5-portrait 17-beach-photo-family-of-5-portrait 16-beach-photo-family-of-5-portrait 15-beach-photo-family-of-5-portrait13-beach-photo-family-of-5-portrait 12-beach-photo-family-of-5-portrait 11-beach-photo-family-of-5-portrait10-beach-photo-family-of-5-portrait 09-beach-photo-family-of-5-portrait 08-beach-photo-family-of-5-portrait 07-beach-photo-family-of-5-portrait 06-beach-photo-family-of-5-portrait 05-beach-photo-family-of-5-portrait
If you would like to have a portrait session like this one for your family in Toronto, please contact SAphoto at 416-518-8566 or via e-mail. We specialize in family photography in Toronto.

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