RC show 2017 – Bureau du Quebec a Toronto

Restaurant Canada show 2017 was held at the Enecare center in Toronto. SAphoto was hired to photograph the Quebec section by the Bureau du Quebec a Toronto. Here is a short video of the event:

And here are the pictures.

Bureau du Quebec à Toronto.

One of a Kind 2016

SAphoto is proud to be the official photographer of the Christmas edition of the One of a Kind show once again this year. The 2016 Christmas show features over 800 artisans from across North America!

Curious to see. Take the tour in 3 minutes!

You may want to do the tour a little slower! Take a look at the map and plan a unique shopping experience.


The show dates are November 24 to December 4
Weekdays & Saturdays- 10am to 9pm | Sundays – 10am to 6pm
Open late Thursday, December 1, 2016 – 10am to 11pm

Toronto event photographer Sebastien Auger

Same sex wedding at the Old Mill (Toronto)

I photographed many weddings at the Old Mill in Toronto, but it’s the first time that I photograph a gay wedding there. Or should I say same sex? Or lesbian? Or LGBT? And does it matter? It’s all about love isn’t it! This is the wedding of Jennifer and Candice, and I promise you there was a lot of it! Looking back at the pictures, there was a lot of laughter too! It was a simple and beautiful wedding, and I hope you enjoy the pictures.

True love – the wedding of Melissa and Andre

While I’m a big fan of the movie Princess Bride, that is not the reason I titled this post “true love”. I shoot many wedding, and some are more grand than others but this one was something special. It’s not about the location and decor, it’s about the people. I think this wedding would have been amazing anywhere. Melissa and Andre are the most genuine people one can hope to meet, and their love for one another is almost palpable. And they are so expressive it’s a bliss for a photographer. I was reminded of that when I edited this wedding. The whole day was full of joy, love, and silliness. It must be contagious because everyone around them was awesome. I couldn’t ask for more.

So if you’re wondering what true love looks like, take a look!

The bride prepared at the Cambridge suites hotel in Toronto. The first look took place at the St. James Park, and the wedding took place at the Metropolitan United Church. The reception took place at the Loftraum, which is now called The Gates.

Congratulations to Melissa and Andre!

Spread the love – hummus product shoot

I love it when work and pleasure mix. Being a huge fan of hummus, this was clearly the case! We were asked by Sabra Canada to re-do a few of their commercial shots of hummus and salsa containers. Here are the resulting pictures. It may make you hungry!

Please contact us if you need product shots like this in Toronto.

Orangeville wedding of Shannon and Jeffrey

This is the wedding of Shannon and Jeffrey in Orangeville. They both have their own business, and I’ve never met such hard-working people. On their own wedding day, it seemed to be hard to let go of taking care of business! But they are wonderful people with a great heart. This was apparent from all the good people in their lives present at the wedding, and the speeches. I really enjoyed this wedding and wish Shannon and Jeffrey prosperity for years to come.

Amaya and Jeremy

Small weddings can be grand and this is one of them. I especially love it when children can attend the wedding. There is something special about that, especially when they are at an age they can understand what’s happening. This is the wedding of Amaya and Jeremy in Toronto at the St. George the Martyr Anglican church. Beautiful everything here.

Catherine and Samir

You want to see what happens when you mix a French girl from Montreal with Lebanese traditions? Something very cool! :) This is the beautiful wedding of Catherine and Samir in Toronto.

Here are the details.
Church: Saint-Barsaumo
Post wedding pictures: Rosetta McClain gardens in Scarborough
Post wedding pictures second location: Distillery District
Venue: Le Parc Hall

To contact SAphoto for your wedding at Le Parc venue, Rosetta McClain, or the Distillery, please contact us at 416-518-8566 or send us a message.

Silly family on the beach!

Here’s a session on the beach in Toronto just the way I like them with the St Maurice family. One couple, and 3 kids who are not so little anymore! All children live in different parts of the world so this was a special occasion. We did the session on the beach, and I think everyone was pleased with the experience. It was a nice family reunion filled with smiles and silliness. I particularly love it when a family of 5 agrees to do silly things for photography purposes!

02-beach-photo-family-of-5-portrait01-beach-photo-family-of-5-portrait03-beach-photo-family-of-5-portrait04-beach-photo-family-of-5-portrait  23-beach-photo-family-of-5-portrait 22-beach-photo-family-of-5-portrait 21-beach-photo-family-of-5-portrait 20-beach-photo-family-of-5-portrait19-beach-photo-family-of-5-portrait 18-beach-photo-family-of-5-portrait 17-beach-photo-family-of-5-portrait 16-beach-photo-family-of-5-portrait 15-beach-photo-family-of-5-portrait13-beach-photo-family-of-5-portrait 12-beach-photo-family-of-5-portrait 11-beach-photo-family-of-5-portrait10-beach-photo-family-of-5-portrait 09-beach-photo-family-of-5-portrait 08-beach-photo-family-of-5-portrait 07-beach-photo-family-of-5-portrait 06-beach-photo-family-of-5-portrait 05-beach-photo-family-of-5-portrait
If you would like to have a portrait session like this one for your family in Toronto, please contact SAphoto at 416-518-8566 or via e-mail. We specialize in family photography in Toronto.

Toronto band Red Velvet

Toronto band Red Velvet was playing at the Seven44 Restaurant & Lounge recently. SAphoto was commissioned to shoot the band both before and during the show. Fun stuff here!